Friday, April 17, 2009

Geisha House- Santa Ana-Closed

Geisha House
2773 North Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Geisha House is much like RA Sushi, an upscale Americanize sushi place. Geisha House opened in Santa Ana about a month ago.

I went during a happy special that offered 25% off all food. So I had the Maine Lobster roll, $10, with lobster, creamy spicy sauce and cucumber, and the beef skewers, which is suppose to be filet mignon, $12 menu price.

The Maine Lobster roll was great, very fresh and tasty. They gave you a good size piece of lobster. The rice paper was different but had a nice texture. I would order this roll again. And $10 is a very good price.

The beef skewers were very tender, so it was filet. They ask you how you like the the beef cooked, I asked for and got medium rare. A nice teriyaki sauce added to the flavor of the beef. I would order this again but at $12 it is a bit pricey.

Service is good in the bar area. The tables in the dining room were surprisingly empty. Not sure why they aren't drawing a crowd because the parking lot was packed.

While I did think the Maine Lobster roll was worth the $10 price, I think a lot of the food item are overpriced. The quality of the food is good and generally the portion are good sized, but the prices are just a bit high, especially in this economy. What got me was the price of a bottle of Fiji water, $8, the same bottle you can get for about $2 at the store. So basically the 25% discount I got was spent on the bottled water. Come to think of it, maybe it is the high prices that keep people from coming to Geisha House.