Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wings Shack-Closed

Wings Shack
5301 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles

Does this address sound familiar? If so, this used to be the location for Hoagies and Wings. But Wings Shack took over and what a treat for the area. These are among the best wings I have ever had. I still think Ye Rustic Inn has the best wings in LA but Wings Shack comes very close.

I got the 5 piece in hot, $3.99. WOW what a treat. They sauce is thicker than other wings sauces I've had. It was spicy, not the hottest but it does have a kick. The drumettes were meaty and crispy. Truely a great sauce and example of what chicken wings should be like. But wings should come with dressing and carrot and celery sticks. Charging for them is a bad business practice.

Service is good. The owner is very nice but it does take awhile for the food to arrive. He cooks everything to order and he was the only person working when I was there.

I would go back to Wings Shack anytime. I want to thank Michelle R for the tip about Wings Shack.