Saturday, March 21, 2009

Santa Maria BBQ Company-Closed

Santa Maria BBQ Company
9552 Washington Blvd
Culver City

Yes, I have been to a Santa Maria BBQ Company in Culver City before. But they moved to a bigger location a few blocks north of their old location. So I decided to try it. BTW the old location is now Meltdown, a restaurant known for their grilled cheese sandwiches.

Santa Maria BBQ means tri tip, cooked over oak wood. So I ordered the half pound of tri tip, $8.00. I wasn't in the mood for bread or sides, so I went the protein diet. Just as before I loved the tri tip. Very tender, full of flavor and juicy, cooked about medium rare. Not fatty at all and a nice smokey flavor.

Service was good and bad. I had a group of 17 people and we only lack quick refills on drinks. But when I called early to tell them we were having a big group they were very tough to deal with. They almost gave me the impression they didn't want that many people. Then when I got there, they had to think realy hard about where to sit us. Hey that big space in the center of the room would be a good place. But other than that, we were treated well.

Parking is tough in the area but most parking structure gave you two hours free without validation.

I would go back to Santa Maria BBQ again. I didn't get the ribs this time but I like the ribs I got on my last trip.