Saturday, March 21, 2009

Golden Bird-Closed

Golden Bird
4725 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles

This Golden Bird is one of the last Golden Bird locations left. I have only been to the Golden Bird that was part of Porky's BBQ in Inglewood, which is now closed. So I wanted to try a stand alone Golden Bird. But I was very mad because my stupid GPS took me all over trying to find this place. I mean how tough can it be to say exit La Brea off the 10 freeway, go north, make a right on Venice and it will be about a 2-3 blocks ahead. But no, instead they make be go to Pico and then all these stupid turns.

Anyways, I got there, ordered the chicken breast, $2.71. The skin was a dark brown color, which means they oil needs to be changed. But the skin was very crunchy and cripsy. I though it maybe a bit oily but no, it wasn't greasy at all. The chicken was a bit dry and I felt it had been sitting under heat lamps for too long.

Service is good. The lady is very nice and helpful.

I think the chicken here can be good if they cleaned the oil more often and of course you go there, just after they cooked up a new batch of chicken. If I was in the area I would go back but I'm not making an extra trip.