Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hoagie and Wings-Closed

Hoagie and Wings
5301 Venice Blvd

I've heard good things about Hoagie and Wings, so I finally made the trip to give it a try. Maybe I had higher expectations but I thought it was very average and certainly not worth the drive to the Mid Wilshire area.

I ordered the steak hoagie ($5.99) with four chicken wings ($2.99). The hoagies are billed as California hoagies, so if you're expecting the Philly style hoagies, go somewhere else. The steak hoagie has lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and cheese. I thought the amount of steak was really lacking. The cheesesteaks at Philly's Best gives you much more for the same price. The steak wasn't that tender either, very tough and chewy. The french roll was slightly toasted and soft and chewy. The other ingredients were nice and fresh.

The chicken wings was OK. I ordered the hot and they were fairly hot but nothing too hot. The wings were pretty good sized minus the midget wing they gave me. The skin was crispy and the inside was pretty good.

Service is decent. They did screw up my wings order. I asked for hot and they gave me honey BBQ. But that was quickly fixed but one of the hot wings was so small, I couldn't believe they served it. I also called on Sunday to see if they were opened and nobody answered the phone. When I went there on Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, I asked about that and they said they were opened on Sunday. Not sure why they didn't answer the phone. Oh well. I won't go back to Hoagies and Wings. I feel the prices are too high and the quality of food isn't the best. They recently opened another location on La Ceinega but I won't go to that location either.