Saturday, March 14, 2009

Miceli's Italian Restaurant

Miceli's Italian Restaurant
3655 Cahuenga Blvd W
Los Angeles

I'll be honest, I am not a fan of Italian food. I think most are just overpriced crap. I mean most Italian food is just sauce and pasta. Who can really screw that up? I consider Miceli's a decent place to go to, a step above Olive Garden. The big draw of Miceli's is the performing servers. They perform every night they are open.

I went for lunch, so no performances, and ordered the lasagna, $11.95. The lasagna had three cheeses, beef, pasta & meat sauce. This was pretty good but the lasagna was undercooked. It wasn't al dente, just a little under. Now I understand things can happen but damn, when an Italian place can't get the pasta right, what is going on?

I thought the beef and cheese was good. But the meat sauce was just too tangy and sour for my tastes. It was weird to find actual bay leaves in the lasagna. They need to be taken out since bay leaves are not to be eaten.

Service was OK. When I ordered the lasagna, the server asked me if I wanted cheese on that. I was said "I thought it came with cheese?" She said it comes with cheese but if I wanted cheese on top, it would be extra. I told her no. That question was stupid and what is more stupid is charging extra for more cheese.

I would not go back to Miceli's again. The food is very average, I mean I think the frozen lasagna from Stouffers is better and I can get an entire tray for less than one small portion from Miceli's.