Sunday, March 22, 2009

Buffalo Wings n Things

Buffalo Wings n Things
11499 Jefferson Blvd.
Culver City

Buffalo Wings n Things, I must be on a wings and BBQ kick this weekend. I went to Wings Shack and was very impressed. So I found Buffalo Wings n Things in Culver City and wanted to see how they compare. I got a sampler order of hot wings, $4.75.

About five minutes later, I got six piping hot wings, that were covered in sauce. The first thing I noticed was that the wings were a bit small. When I took a bit, they were crispy as other wings I've had. There was some meat on those small wings. The sauce was fairly spicy not the most spicy I've had but just enough to let you know they used some hot sauce.

I did like they gave a small cup of ranch dressing and carrots and celery. At Wing Shack you have to pay for those. I like the smaller portion, not too many wings and a good price.

Service is OK. The guy working was too busy watching USC lose to Michigan St in the NCAA tourney to give much notice. I also called twice after they opened and nobody answered. They are open at noon on Sunday and they didn't answer until about 12:35.

They used to be on Jefferson and some sites still list their address on Jefferson, but the address I wrote is their new and current location. I wouldn't rush back to Wings and Things but I wouldn't mind going there if I'm in the area.