Sunday, March 22, 2009

NY BBQ-Closed

901 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles

New York City is not known for BBQ, at least real BBQ where the meat is smoked. Where are there hickory or mesquite or apple work in New York? But just the name, New York has appeal. So I went to NY BBQ on La Brea to see how good their BBQ maybe.

I got the lunch portion of the baby back ribs, they do not have spare ribs, $9.95, with double mac and cheese. Now I'm not a big fan of baby backs, but the baby backs served here was pretty damn good. Lots of meat on those bones. A decent smoke flavor and the meat was tender but there are babybacks, so they should be tender.

The mac and cheesy was pretty good but I too mushy and gooey. The macaroni was so overcooked. The cheese was pretty good and blended well but this was just off.

Since I ate there she filled a little bowl with water, so I could wash my hands after eating. A very nice touch. They are about 5-6 tables but very little parking.

Service is OK but sneaky. What do I mean by sneaky? I placed the order, lunch portion of the baby back ribs, with double mac and cheese. The lady, who I believe is the owner then asked if I wanted some dessert. She actually named the dessert but I forget exactly what she asked, maybe sweet potato pie or 7up cake. I was surprised because I read their online menu and they didn't mention dessert being included with lunch. I stopped her and asked if that was included. She said no. So I passed on dessert. I bet she has "sold" people on saying yes to dessert because of the way she asked the question. I find it just as wrong as when servers do not tell people that there are not free drink refills.

While I do like their ribs, I'm not sure I would go back to NY BBQ. I do not like how she conducts business, too sneaky.