Friday, February 06, 2009

Jim Dandy Fried Chicken

Jim Dandy Fried Chicken
11328 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles

I love fried chicken. It's such a great, if unhealthy, comfort food. So whenever I see a fried chicken place, I'll stop in. But it's weird, I've passed by Jim Dandy Fried Chicken all the time when going to Mom's BBQ, but I've never stopped in.

But on a rainy night, I decided to stop in and try Jim Dandy fried chicken. WOW what a treat!!! I ordered two breast, $3.79 which also comes with fritters. They have a choice between regular and spicy. When I heard the lady tell the lady in front of me, her order of regular chicken, was going to take 15 minutes, I knew I wanted the regular. After 15 minutes the chicken was in my hands and I got into my car to find a place to eat.

When I finally found Hawkins House of Burgers, while waiting for the burger, I had the chicken. What a treat!!! So crispy, so light, so juicy, so good. What else can I say. The chicken was huge, which is always good. The chicken had a light, crispy batter and was so great, I knew I found the holy grail of fried chicken. The meat was so juicy and tender. This is the best fried chicken in LA.

Service is poor. Three people were behind the counter and I still waited a long time before I was greeted. The ladies were nice and everything but come on, at least greet me.

The other thing I don't like about Jim Dandy is their hours, or lack of. They closed on a Friday night at 8pm!!!! Why? At 10 minutes to 8pm there were about ten people in line waiting for fried chicken. Why close so early? They also are close from 2-5pm during the week. Currently they have a special, 5 pieces for $4.85, one breast, one wing, two thighs, and one leg. (Thanks Osaki, for catching my earlier mistake) A steal!!!

I will be coming back, very soon!!! I love this place.