Friday, February 06, 2009

Hawkins House of Burgers

Hawkins House of Burgers
11603 Slater Street
Los Angeles,

I found out about Hawkins House of Burgers because the have a Hawkins Special burger for $15.99. Three patties, two eggs, bacon, hot link, chili, pastrami, with a side of fries and a drink. I didn't come close to ordering that.

I did get a double cheeseburger, $4.64, mayo, mustard, lettuce and tomato. I wanted a bacon double cheeseburger, but more on that later. The burger was overcooked, lacked flavor, and wasn't worth the hype. The bun was over toasted. I had basically had croutons for a bun, and I hate croutons. The meat was flavorless. I had high hopes for this burger but it didn't even come close.

Service is terrible here. The lady, who took my order, is very nice. But she is clueless. I asked for a BACON double cheeseburger. I was charged for and got a double cheeseburger. Then when I took the burger back she wanted to charge my $1.25 for bacon. Now let's see the menu price for a double cheeseburger is $4.29. The menu price for a bacon double cheeseburger, is $4.99. Where does she get that $1.25 price? She should just charge my 70 cents more or put it on the house because she screwed up.

Then, it took 15 minutes to make this overrated burger!!!! I know the burgers are big but damn it shouldn't take that long to cook up a burger.

There is a small patio to eat, with a counter and long benches. When I went a drunk woman and a drunk man were talking loudly and smoking up a storm. Not exactly the best place to enjoy a burger but I wasn't going to drive around looking for a fast food place.

I would not go back to Hawkins House of Burgers again. The burgers are bad and the service is poor. Not a good combination.