Friday, February 06, 2009

3 Thirty 3

3 Thirty 3
333 Bayside Dr
Newport Beach

3 Thirty 3 has a great view of the water and overpriced appetizers. If you can put up with the pretenious, jerkoff people of Newport Beach, this is a nice place to enjoy a drink after work.

I got the Thai calamari, $13. The calamari is flash fried and is drowned with Thai spices, like they do with Buffalo wings. It's not that spicy but it is different than regular calamari. Most of the calamari was crispy and fresh, not rubbery. But there is just something off about it. Maybe Thai spices don't work with fried calamari. I'm not sure exactly what it is but something just doesn't work. Another thing that doesn't work is the $13 price tag. Yes, it is a good sized portion but come on, an appetizer of calamari for $13? Overpriced.

Service here is pretty good. I came here for a happy hour and the female bartender was very nice and helpful. But the cocktail waitresses can be rude and stuck up. I heard one of them tell somebody, not me, to get the hell out of the way.

I would not go back to 3 Thirty 3 for appetizers again. I think the food is average and overpriced. The view is great but hell, I could fire up a BBQ on the beach and have a great meal.