Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bludso's BBQ-Closed

Bludso's Bar B Que
811 S Long Beach Blvd

Bludso's BBQ is a Texas style BBQ that just opened on Long Beach Blvd in Compton.
This is a take out only location. If you can't wait to dig into the BBQ, you just ordered, there is a McDonald's about 25 yards south on the corner of Alondra and LB Blvd. Believe me the smell of this BBQ will force you to stop and eat this BBQ right away.

I got the lunch portion of the ribs, $7.85, which is three ribs and one side, I got the cole slaw, which I didn't eat. After getting the order of ribs, I walked to McDonald's and ordered a soda and started eating. The ribs were very good. A nice bark, good smoke ring, and a wonderful smell. The ribs were tender and not fatty at all. A nice smoked flavor, I believe hickory, but damn good. The sauce, I got the mixed, is very spicy and full of flavor.

Service is very good. The young lady was very nice and friendly. She was so nice taking my order and when I called for directions. The only thing is, they took a little longer than expected for the order. It wasn't busy at all and there weren't many phone in orders. Oh well, nothing too bad, especially when the BBQ is this good.

I would go back to Bludso's anytime. Very good BBQ. And don't be an idiot and think "Oh it's COMPTON!!!" Yes, it is Compton. I had no problem at Bludso's or the McDonald's. Leave your racism at home.

Update Dec. 23, 2010

I went back to Bludso's. I really wanted to get better pictures of the ribs. So I ordered a half slab of pork ribs, $12.62. The ribs were just the same as the last time. I rate Bludso's ribs a very solid ribs, B to a B +.

Service was good again.