Saturday, January 24, 2009

D & A Pit Bar B Q-Closed

D & A Pit Bar B Q
1710 E Compton Blvd

When I noticed that D & A Pit Bar B Q wasn't far from Bludso's BBQ, I knew this was going to be a two stop BBQ day!!

But I was so full from Bludso's, that, as luck would have it, they had a special, one rib and one hot link deal, $5.05, on the menu. I jumped at it. The ribs were pretty good but not as much smoke flavor as I like but they were pretty tender. They also didn't have that much meat but were pretty lean, not much fat. The BBQ sauce is glorified ketchup. Not good.

What was good was the hot link. First of all it was huge. Then it had lots and lots of smoke flavor, but could have been more spicey. But overall a good example of what a hot link should be.

Service is good but after taking my order, three people came by and they waited at least 4-5 minutes before their orders were taken. Maybe it's a one person show but I would have hated to be one of those three people.

I like Bludso's much better than D & A. I would go back to Bludso's before going back to D & A for the ribs. But I would come here for the hot link.

Again, yes it's Compton but I didn't have any problems. Two of the three people, who came after I did, were from the area and were very nice and friendly. We all talked about where the best BBQ is. I told them about Bludso's. The third lady was from Fullerton. So again leave your prejiudices at home.