Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Merhaba Restaurant
2801 W Ball Rd

Merhaba is really an Erirean restaurant. Erirean broke away from Ethiopia. But the food is very much the same.

I ordered the sambusa, thin, crispy pastry shells stuffed with ground beef, $4.25 and the Kelwa Tseada, $11, mild sauteed chunks of beef tossed with onions, tomato and green peppers in butter, red pepper and assorted spices.

The sambusa came right out of the fryer, very good sign. The pastry shell was very crisy and the ground beef wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be. This was OK but I don't think worth the $4.25.

What was worth the price was the Kelwa Tseada. To me this was better than the dish I had at Tana. This was more flavorful though the beef wasn't as tender. I asked for mild but next time I think I may get the medium spice.

What I really like was the injera, the sourdough flat bread, wasn't as sour as other places.

Service was a bit slow but there was a party of 11 and there were only two people working.

I would go back to Merhaba before I went back to Tana. But both are good options for Ethiopian or Eritean food.