Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tana Ethiopian Restaurant

Tana Ethiopian Restaurant
2622 W La Palma Ave

My first taste of Ethiopian food was in New York City. I enjoyed the flavorful meats but did not like the sour, spongy bread.

So I made a visit to Tana Ethiopian Restaurant and ordered the awazae tibs, $10, which is beef, onions, green peppers, garlic, and awazae which is a specially spiced red pepper. This was a very good dish though a bit on the salty side. The beef was tender and all the flavors mixed well together. I asked for mild and it was mild. I didn't want something so spicy that I couldn't taste the food.

With Ethiopian food you eat with your hands. You tear up the spongy bread around the meats and eat. I think the spongy bread, which is sour, but not too sour since it was helped by the spices of the awazae.

Service was OK. The lady was very friendly and nice and I got my order quickly. But she didn't refill my water that often and I was sitting with an empty cup for long periods of time.

I would go back to Tana again.