Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zena's Lebanese Restaurant

2094 N Tustin St
Ste C2

Zenas is an expensive Lebanese restaurant. I noticed Zenas when I had lunch with a friend at the Subway next door. I should have walked in and looked at their menu.

I ordered the three skewer combo, $25.95, this had a chicken breast, kafta-ground beef, and beef skewer. All three skewers were good size and The chicken breast was very tangy and a bit on the dry side. I didn't care for this too much. the kafta skewer was overcooked on the outside and a bit dry on the inside but the quality of the ground beef was good. The beef skewer had three huge pieces of top sirloin. These were my favorite, very tender, cooked to about medium, and full of flavor. Among the best beef kebobs I've had.

The salad picture was given to me by the owner/server, either because he felt his service was slow, it was, or somebody canceled that salad. The salad was very tangy, too tangy for my taste, I only took a few bites. This is a theme at Zenas because the hummus was also too tangy for my tastes.

Service was below average. After I was seated, I could hear the server/owner talking to another guy a few tables from me. I turned and he was sitting at another table, as if there were no other customers. So it took at least five minutes before I could place my order. I didn't think it took any longer for my order to come but the server didn't come around often. He was too busy doing whatever. It took awhile for my drinks to get refilled, from them to clear the table, and get a box to go. There were maybe six other people in the dining room and a few more outside on the patio. So it wasn't busy by any means.

I would not go back to Zenas because the food isn't worth the very high prices. I will say the beef skewers are among the best I've had but $21? I could get a top sirloin steak for that price.