Thursday, October 30, 2008

Joey's Smokin BBQ- Tustin-Closed

Joey's Smokin BBQ
2933 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92782

I know I said I wouldn't go back to a Joey's Smokin BBQ after having their terrible ribs at their Manhattan Beach location. But I decided why not give them another chance. After all, they could improve. So I decided to try their Tustin location. Big mistake.

I ordered the half rack of dry rub baby back ribs, $12.99, buffalo wings, $5.99, and a pulled pork sandwich, $6.99.

The ribs were among the worst I've ever had. No smoked flavor, very dry, with lots of fat and grizzle. Not even sauce could save this terrible rack of ribs. If there is no pink in ribs, they are NOT smoked!!!! Ribs should not be boiled then cooked in an oven. Ribs should not be cooked with liquid smoke. Ribs should not be baby backs either!!!

The pulled pork sandwich was very dry, also had lots of fat and the bun was soggy for some reason. No reason to be soggy since there wasn't much BBQ sauce. A terrible example of what pulled pork should be.

The Manhattan Beach location had great buffalo wings. But the Tustin location had among the worst wings I've ever had. Look how small those wings are. No meat at all. The Manhattan Beach location the wings were huge and had a ton of meat.

Service was TERRIBLE. I got there a bit early, so I ordered a drink and the girl taking my order was rude, unfriendly and just a bitch. I paid for my drink in cash but didn't get a discount, even though they were running a pay cash and get a 7% discount. Now the discount isn't that big of a deal. But when she gave me my change she never said Thank You or even bothered to look at me.

I placed my food order with who I think is the manager and he was a moron too. I asked for a to go box for 3-4 ribs and the macaroni salad. He gives me a box that would fit a hot dog. Now he's either stupid or blind. But I wanted a box for both. But maybe it's a good thing after all the bad food, the mac salad might have made me sick.

Also the restaurant was hot as hell. I saw the tempurature setting on the air conditioner and it was set at 82. They need to drop the tempurature in that restaurant.

I will NEVER go back to any Joey's Smokin BBQ again. Terrible food, terrible service and the prices are a bit high.