Thursday, October 30, 2008

Outlaw 's BBQ and Chili-Closed

Outlaw 's BBQ and Chili
500 N Harbor Blvd

Decided to try out Outlaw's BBQ since it opened in Fullerton.

Ordered the St. Louis ribs, $11.99 with their dirty rice. The ribs were not smoked. Not a good sign. They had a lot of fat and grizzle. Not a good sign. They were overcooked. Not a good sign. The BBQ sauce does have a nice spiciness and is pretty good. But the ribs are not good at all. They did have a good amount of meat but it was covered in fat.

I read a Yelp review and I had to laugh at the owner having a mullet and having dying his hair jet black. He look strange but he was friendly. I didn't care for his food but it was ok service.

I would not go to Outlaw again. I talked to the owner about their BBQ beef sandwich. Of course it's not smoked and the worst thing is they don't even use a certain cut of meat. Not the brisket, not tri tip etc. They buy some bulk beef and then start pretending it's BBQ and their beef jerky. The worst thing is the beef jerky is suppose to be the filet mignon cut. While I've never had it, Yelpers were not impressed with it.