Friday, October 31, 2008

Sasoon Chicken-Closed

Sasoon Chicken
3440 E Chapman Ave

Sasoon Chicken was right behind Pacific Coast Hot Dogs, so I put that on my to go list. So I went back and I was fairly impressed with the food.

I ordered a shish kabob and a shish tavouk kabob, which is chicken, $11.99. The shish kebob was small pieces of beef, fairly tender and flavorful. They spices here aren't that tangy, more mild. Which I like.

The shish tavouk, was tender pieces of chicken, mostly white meat. They were also flavorful but not tangy. I enjoyed the chicken and would order it again.

What I didn't like was the rice. They just cooked a new batch and it was watery. Not good. The hummus, which is ground chick peas and tahini, which is seasame seed paste, was very nice and mild. Not that tangy flavor I get from most Middle Eastern places.

Service was pretty good. Sasoon is the type of restaurant you order and pick up at the counter. But I waited a long time for the food to be ready. The reason was they needed to cook another batch of rice. Which is fine, but no need to rush. Make the food right. I would much rather wait a few minutes longer for good food, than have some half cooked, watery rice.

I would go back to Sasoon Chicken. I like the mild seasonings to their meats but I would stick with the chicken kabobs.