Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hida'Way Restaurant-Closed

Hida'Way Restaurant
2117 N Orange Olive Rd

While visiting a friend, who lives in the area, we passed by Hida' Way Restaurant. It looks like any neighborhood greasyspoon but I was attracted by their BROASTED Chicken sign!!! So I decide to drop in when I was in the area.

So I ordered two breast, $5.37. The owner told me it will take about eight minutes. I'm not in a hurry so I said no problem. I decide to eat there so I wait and talk with the owner about the restaurant. First on Yelp, you will find the restaurant listed as Hide Away Restaurant. It's been around for fourty years but now most of the business is take out.

The breasts finally arrive and I'm ready to dig in. I slice the breast and both of them are NOT done, yet. I would say they were about 90% done. So I told the owner, he quickly said he'll cook up two more. About 3-4 minutes later, he came out with the original pieces that he finished cooking. I checked to make sure they were done and they were. I found them to be OK, not like other broasted chicken I've had before.

I got the other two pieces and they were crispy and juicy, just like other broasted chicken I've had before. If you have a choice between broasted and regular fried chicken, get the broasted. The chicken is more crispy and juicy than regular fried chicken.

Service was good. The owner was very nice. Yes, I was put off by the first batch of chicken not being fully cooked. But I understand and he did make up for it.

I would go back to Hida'Way for the broasted chicken. They do have other things like broasted fish, shrimp, burgers and ribs. I may get a combo the next time I go.