Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chicago Ribs-Closed

Chicago Ribs
9901 Yorktown Ave
Huntington Beach

I was really looking forward to going to Chicago Ribs. But when I got there, I found that this was really a Chicago For Ribs, that was brought out by a different owner, but it was still Chicago for Ribs.

I got the half rack of baby back ribs, $16.99 and the chicken breast and fried shrimp, $17.99. The ribs are cooked in an oven, covered in BBQ sauce and served up. They are OK but nothing great. I got double mac and cheese and the mac and cheese tasted like it came out of a box. Hell I can do that at home.

The chicken breast as thin and a bit dry. The BBQ sauce was the same sweet sauce that covered the ribs. The shrimp was good size and had a nice crunchy. But they weren't hot when they came out. Otherwise I don't really have many complaints.

Service was below average. It was a fairly small place but the server took away to refill drinks, take my order, come out with the cornbread and was generally slow. Maybe he was watching the World Series? Or just goofing offf. But he wasn't around a lot.

I would not go back to Chicago Ribs again. Wasting money on below average food isn't my idea of dining out.