Monday, October 20, 2008

Porky's BBQ- Long Beach-Closed

Porky's BBQ Muggies Chicken
937 Redondo Ave
Long Beach

I've been to Porky's in Long Beach, for their BBQ. But I found out that they now serve fried chicken!!! So I just had to go back and see how good their fried chicken is. The fried chicken is called Muggies Chicken and it's very good.

I got the two breast meal, $4.29 with mac and cheese as my side. The chicken was so tender and juicy and wonderful. The two breasts weren't that big but then again they don't have silicon for chicken breasts. But they were a wonderful treat. Maybe the best fried chicken in Long Beach.

Service was good. But remember this is basically a take out only. They have a couple tables outside.

I would go back to Porky's for the fried chicken.

Update November 9, 2008

I went back to Porky's for their fried chicken. I got there about 9:40pm and they were 20 minutes away from closing. I placed an order for the two piece breast with biscuit. They young woman behind the counter, made the chicken fresh to order. She told me it was going to be about 15 minutes. I said no problems.

Now I saw a lot of chicken under the heat lamp. She could have easily taken the chicken from there but instead took the time and effort to freshly fry the chicken, even though she was about to close.

During my wait, she even gave me a sample of the pulled pork, not bad.

What great service and the chicken was great!!!!

Update March 14, 2010.

I tried to go back to Porky's BBQ for some fried chicken. I walked up to the window and the lady was talking on the phone. She then said "I'll help you at that window." So I walked over to the other window and waited and waited and waited. I must have waited for about five minutes. She was too busy talking and I walked away and told her keep talking on the phone.

What a bitch!!! What terrible service!!! Even though I loved the fried chicken, I will never go back to Porky's again. Just terrible service!!!!!!