Monday, October 20, 2008


3441 E Broadway
Long Beach

I went to Lashers for happy hour. I've read many things about Lashers and wanted to give them a try. But there are pricey restaurant that gets so so reviews on the food. So I decided to try their happy hour food and see how it is.

I had the crab cakes, $5. A very good price for crab cakes. But these crab cakes had a lot of filler and not much crab. The little crab they had was dungeoness crab but was bland. At the table next to me, somebody said they bite into a piece of shell, in their crabcake. I didn't have that experience but that's clearly isn't a good thing.

Service was pretty good.

I like the setting and atmosphere of Lashers but I'm not impressed with their food. Ok it was just a $5 appetizer. But if the $5 appetizer isn't good, will the $40 chicken or steak be good? Why waste my money finding out?