Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ce Fiore-Closed

Ce Fiore
20700 Avalon Blvd #B32

So after having a burger at Five Guys, I decided to get dessert at Ce Fiore, Italian Frozne Yogurt. I got the raspberry-pomegranate yogurt with mixed nuts as the topping, a child's size for, $3.95, The yogurt had a nice tart flavor, nothing too tart, just right. It was nice and freshing after the burger and on a hot day.

I couldn't believe this was a child's size portion. It was huge. Worth the price? Well this was a much better value than the burger but I still think it's crazy to pay $4 for frozen yogurt.

Service was good. The line moved along quickly and the people behind the counter were friendly.

I would go back to Fiore, but I prefer those self serve yogurt places like Yogurtland. Hell give me a double-scoop of Thirty's Ice Cream.