Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carmen Rocha

The LA Times wrote a story about Carmen Rocha, who is credited with bringing nachos to Los Angeles. She passed away October 9, 2008.

Reading the story about her, I was very touched about how she handled the news about her son's death. Her son was killed while serving in the Army during the Vietnam War. She went to back work at El Cholo restaurant, the next day.

What is very troubling and just downright wrong is that it took her family 20 years to have her son's name spelled correctly on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. I don't give a damn how much it costs, the man, Robert Salas Rocha, gave his life defending this country. He wasn't a gutless, draft dodging loser. He served his country and he made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. He deserves to have his name spelled correctly. And it should NOT take 20 years to have the name spelled correctly.