Monday, August 18, 2008

Phil Trani's

Phil Trani's
3490 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach

Phil Trani's is a long time Long Beach restaurant. Many UCLA and USC football players have had dinner at Phil's. The bar is covered with autographed photos of athletes who have enjoyed dinner here.

While I'm not a famous athlete, I didn't enjoy my dinner at Trani's. I ordered the crab stuffed halibut, $22, lump crab and roasted peppers stuffing, between halibut fillets and topped with a taragon sauce.

All diners come with soup or salad, I got the red clam chowder, and rice pilaf. The red clam chowder had very little to clams but lots of potato and a spicy broth. I wouldn't order this again.

The hallibut was ok, but it didn't have the flavor or texture of halibut. I even asked the server if this was halibut. This tasted more like cod or sole. The crab stuffing had very little crab and was pretty flavorless.

What added some flavor was the taragon sauce. This tasted more like a honey mustard sauce. But added some flavor to the dish.

But I thought this wasn't worth the $22 price tag. A very small portion of a fish that might have been halibut, very little crab, and even the size of the rice pilaf and green beans was small.

Service was pretty average. The server was a bit slow to refill water. There weren't that many people having dinner and I thought she could have came to our table more often. She was nice and friendly.

I would not go back to Phil Trani's again. Overpriced, small portions, and very average food.