Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cham Soot Gol

Cham Soot Gol
9252 Garden Grove Blvd #10
Garden Grove, CA 92842

Korean BBQ. I haven't reviewed that many Korean BBQ places, Ka-San BBQ being maybe the only one to date.

But I went to Cham Soot Gol and it was all you can eat for $16.99. You get sliced beef, pork belly, which is bacon, bulgogi, chicken, and spicy pork.

Before I continue, I thought about pictures for Korean BBQ. Since you are cooking the meats at the Korean BBQ's, I think I will post just the pics of the raw meat. Why? Because the pictures of the cooked meats will vary depending on how you cook them. I think it's better to see the raw meat to determine the quality.

The sliced beef was terrible. They were frozen and had lots of fat. They had no flavor at all and was tough. They reminded me of sliced beef I got from the Mongolian BBQ's.

The pork belly was terrible too. Ok, I know pork belly are mostly fat but this damn thing was almost all fat.

I did like the bulgogi. which is marinated beef. Lots of good flavor, though a bit fatty.

The chicken was bland and flavorless. They need to put some marinate on this. Mostly dark meat, pretty tender but who cares if it lacks flavor.

The spicy pork was too fatty and hot. They need to cut down on the hot sauce. I didn't like much.

The best part was the ice cream. It's Thirfty's ice cream and they had green tea, butter pecan,chocolate and later on strawberry. You scoop up the ice cream yourself on a cone. They could soften the ice cream a little or use the ice cream scoopers they use at Thrify's. But otherwise a nice treat.

Service was good. They kept bringing new meats, a grill, and all the sides. I only ate the rice.

I would not go back to Cham Soot Gol again. I only thought one of the five meats were good, the bulgogi. It was worth the price since I ate a lot of the bulgogi. But the other meats were not good quality at all.

I know there has to be a better Korean BBQ place. I didn't realize that this stretch of Garden Grove Blvd had turned into the Koreatown of Orange County. The street was filled with many Korean BBQ places. I may have to try them soon.