Monday, February 11, 2008

Ka-San BBQ-Closed

Ka San BBQ
3115 Foothill Blvd
La Crescenta

I haven't been to a Korean BBQ in at least seven years. At that time we went to an all you can eat, cook at your table type place and they charged us about $20 a person. Not bad considering it was all you can eat.

So we go to Ka San BBQ and I'm shocked at the prices. Bulgugi, a marinated beef dish, $17.95. When I came to our table I was impressed with the quanity of beef. The chicken, pictured next to it, was $14.95. Again I was impressed with the quanity of meat.

So we put the meat on the grill and wait. Since the meats are sliced very thin, it doesn't take long to cook. The wonderful smell of cooked meat was in the air. The meats are marinated with a sweet marinate. It wasn't too sweet and overpowering, just right.

The beef was very good. I just put the beef on top of the rice. I didn't tried some of the side dishes that came with it but I'm not a big fan of kim chee, too spicy, or cold sides with a hot meal. I tried the cold broccoli and bean sprouts but I didn't touch the other Korean side dishes.

Service was OK. The servers didn't speak English that well so they couldn't explain want some of the side dishes were. But we had to wait a little for refills on water and rice.

I would not go back to Ka San BBQ. While the beef dish was very good, I just don't feel the prices are worth it. $17.95 for about half a pound of beef, that you have to cook yourself? Not my idea of a good value.