Monday, February 11, 2008

Yankee Doodle's-Closed

Yankee Doodle's
1410 3rd St Prom
Santa Monica

One of the better sports bars in the area is Yankee Doodle's. It's a huge place with tons of TV and pool tables.

We went there for some appetizers and decided on the appetizer platter for $18.95. The platter included ribs, cheese sticks, buffalo wings, nachos, and quesadillas. I had a bit of everything so here are my comments.

Ribs: This is typical suburban BBQ ribs. Baby backs ribs, cooked in an oven and just drowned with BBQ sauce. There is no smoked flavor and nothing outstanding about them. They were meaty and tender but then again babybacks should be. We got five bones, about half a rack, which is a pretty good deal.

Cheese sticks, just the regular, everyday cheese sticks. Nothing outstanding or bad about them.

Buffalo wings: Not as spicy as I like them. But a nice tangy flavor and good sized wings.

Quesadillas were filled with just cheese. Nothing outstanding about them.

The nachos just had cheese on them and some salsa. Nice crisp chips.

Service was pretty good, though it took a long time for the server to greet us and take our order. What I found interesting was that the server, a young lady, had a Hilary for President sticker on her notepad. Now personally I could care less who you vote for. But I think it's important that people do vote. I was surprised to see a young lady like having any interest in voting.

Yankee Doodle's is bar food. Good stuff, nothing outstanding but a great place to watch a game and enjoy some munchies. I would have no problems going back to Yankee Doodle's.