Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Parker's Lighthouse

Parker's Lighthouse
435 Shoreline Village Dr
Long Beach

I went to Parker's Lighthouse for their Tuesday Happy Hour Special. $7 Martinis and Panini's. I got the shrimp and fontina and chicken pesto paninis. The shrimp panini was left under the heating lamp too long. The bread was too hard and crusty, the shrimp was way overcooked. I should have sent it back but I was pretty hungry.
There was a good amount of bay shrimp and the fontina cheese was very tasty with a nutty flavor.

The chicken pesto was better. A large piece of chicken breast with pesto, tomatoes and I believe swiss cheese. A very good panini, that wasn't left under the heating lamp. The bread was nice and toasted, not burnt.

Service was below average. I ordered from the bar and while the bartender got my drinks quickly, the food service sucked. Yes, there was a large party of about 40 people. But get more servers and bartenders. When I got my chicken panini, there wasn't a big crowd but about three hours later, when I ordered the shrimp and fontina panini, it was crowded and the bartender just forgot to get the panini until I reminded him. The staff was nice and pleasant, even with a near full house. But they need to be quicker and/or hire more servers.

I don't think I would go to Parker's for dinner. I looked at the menu and prices were high. The $7 panini is a good deal, so I may go back for again for the panini.