Wednesday, April 02, 2008


6251 E Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach

I went back to Gaslamp for their monthly wine tasting event. I didn't have any wine but I did try their appetizers. During the wine tasting appetizers are half off. So I ordered the shrimp cocktail, $6 and the fish tacos, $6.

The shrimp were huge!!! They were pretty fresh. They were tasty and worth the $6. At $12 it's overpriced.

The fish tacos were $9. They were filled with lightly fried white fish, pico de gallo, torn greens & chipotle mayo. The fish was most breading, very little fish. All the other ingredients were fresh. But I didn't think this was worth the price, even at $4.50.

Service is ok. But the more I think about it I think they overcharged me. Oh well, I won't go back there anymore.

Again I won't go back to Gaslamp for any reason. Not worth the prices for average food.