Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cisco Burgers-Closed

Cisco Burgers
620 W. Anaheim St.
Long Beach

Jeese James of Monster Garage fame opened up Cisco Burgers in Long Beach. This restaurant is suppose to be environmentally friendly. While saving the environment is important, I wish the restaurant would pay more attention to their burgers.

I got the Cisco Burger combo, $7.95 on the menu with onion rings. But my total came to $9.74 a very high price for a fast food style burger place. The onion rings was 50 cents more, 30 cents for cheese. So that makes it $8.75 with tax that would be $9.47. Maybe the server put in $9.74? Either way the burger wasn't worth it. At best this burger is below average. Nothing special about this. I would have prefered to go to In n Out or Red Robin. The meat was ok, nothing special and frozen. They had lettuce and tomatoes.

The onion rings were very good. I was impressed. The coating used was crunchy and flakey. The onion was sweet and tender. Whatever batter they use, other restaurants should use it.

Service is good. The lady taking orders was nice and friendly and refilled sodas quickly. The burgers came up quickly too. The burgers are cooked on a grill. Wish they didn't use frozen beef.

I would not go back to Cisco Burgers again. I have no idea who this Jesse James is. Matter of fact when somebody told me Jesse James owned Cisco I asked when did he come back from the grave? I could care less who he is. I wish he would improve the quality of his burger.