Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chronic Cantina-Costa Mesa-Closed

Chronic Cantina
1870 Harbor Blvd,
Costa Mesa

Want to go to a restaurant that has average food and music blasting, go to Chronic Cantina in Costa Mesa.

Chronic Cantina turns into a club after 9pm on Saturdays. It's very loud and dark in there and it makes it hard to enjoy your food. I would describe Chronic Cantina as a El Torito. Nothing special about it.

I ordered the carne asada chimichanga burrito, $7.99. The burrito has carne asada, rice, beans, cheese, onions, and lettuce. The carne asada wasn't the most flavorful, lean or flavorful. There were plenty of pieces with fat and grissle. Not good. I've had leaner more flavorful carne asada at hole in the water Mexican places for less or the same price. I did enjoy the nice flakey flour tortilla. That was the best part of the chimichanga.

Service was OK. The server was nice and attentive. But she didn't come by often to refill drinks and she never asked how the food was.

I would not go back to Chronic Cantina again. I don't need to drive to Costa Mesa to get average Mexican food. Plus I don't need to have music blasting in my ears while I'm eating dinner.