Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BlackBoard Bistro

BlackBoard Bistro
1198 PCH
Seal Beach

Housed in what used to be a school, BlackBoard Bistro is a nice place to enjoy lunch. BlackBoard Bistro and Finbars, an Italian place a few block west, ued to be owned by the same person. But now a different owner bought BlackBoard Bistro.

I've only been here for lunch and it's a great place for fresh sandwiches. I ordered the tuna salad sandwich, $8.29, on wheat, with tomatoes and lettuce. The sandwich is so fresh it seemed as though the tuna was in the ocean that morning. They added the right among of mayo to the tuna. The wheat bread was very lightly toasted and the tomatoes and lettuce was very fresh. The sandwich comes with your choice of fries, fruit, or cole slaw. I got the fruit and the strawberries, pineapple and cantulope was very fresh.

Now service is below average. I've actually went to BlackBoard Bistro twice. The first time I didn't have my camera and we sat down and ate. That was not good. We sat in the patio and they were very, very slow. The server very rarely came around to refill drinks and ask if we needed anything. He also never bothered to clear the dishes from the other tables around us. He was friendly but just wasn't attentive and just gave the impression he didn't care. I understand that the NCAA tourney was going on and everybody has March Madness but damn, do your job.

The second time I went, I didn't forget my camera and the service was good. Maybe because the owner or manager was helping me. He was nice and friendly. I got my order quickly and then I tooked the pictures.

I would and have gone back to BlackBoard Bistro. But I think I would much rather order something to go and then enjoy the sandwich on the Seal Beach Pier. If you can deal with below average service, BlackBoard Bistro serves very fresh food at good prices.