Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bake N Broil

Bake N Broil
3697 Atlantic Blvd
Long Beach

I have heard so many good things about Bake and Broil that I finally had to go and try it.

Bake and Broil is down home, comfort food. I got the chicken fried steak, $10.25, with fries and peas. All dinners come with salad. The salad is just standard salad, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, and tomato. Nice and fresh.

I was looking forward to the chicken fried steak but after the first bite I had wished I ordered something else. Chicken fried steak is suppose to be crunchy, even with country gravy on top. But there was no crunch at all to this. What's worse is that the seasoning of this tasted like shake and bake!!!! The cube steak had the texture of ground beef. On I could have stayed home and made this myself.

No, I didn't eat the entire red velvet cake pictured. But this is a wonderful example of red velvet cake. The entire cake is $23.95 and well worth it. The cake is so moist. The cream cheese frosting is rich but not overpowering. One thing I'm not used to is the walnuts in the cake but they were a nice touch. Save room for this red velvet cake. Believe me you'll love it.

Service was below average. The server was a bit slow in refilling drinks and the silverware didn't come until we asked for it, after she dropped off the salad.

I'm kinda of torn about going back to Bake N Broil. Some of the other items looked great, burgers, salads, breakfast items, that are served all day, and some of the sandwiches. But the chicken fried steak was just plain bad. If I go back I will give a review.