Thursday, March 06, 2008

Double O

Double O
20627 Golden Springs Dr
Diamond Bar

I'm not a big fan of Korean food. The food is ok but the prices are very high and I don't think they food is the worth price. I couldn't decide where to go for lunch and I picked Double O, a Korean restaurant.

I got the marinated Korean BBQ, $14.99. This is bulgugi or marinated beef. But instead of me cooking the beef at my table, they cook it for me. The first thing I noticed is that the beef is not hot. It's warm but not hot and after waiting a long time after ordering I figure the beef would come out pippin hot. The beef was pretty tough and not tender, even if it was sliced very thinly. Koreans use a sweet marinate with soy sauce, seasame oil, and honey. The marinate isn't overwhelming but it doesn't stand out either.

Service is poor. The lady who I think is the owner didn't even walk me to the table. She said just pointed to a table in the back. I realize she was busy serving everybody but come on. Then she didn't bring water after I asked for water. She never came back to ask how the food was. I had to ring the bell on the wall to ask for service. Which she never mentioned. I just happened to turn and get some chop sticks and saw the Ring for Service Bell.

I would not go back to Double O again. What a rip off. $14.99 for a pile of second rate beef? It was a decent sized portion but I could get two beef dishes at a Chinese restaurant for that price. I should just save my money and time and not go to any Korean restaurants.