Sunday, February 24, 2008


Twohey's Restaurant
1224 N Atlantic Blvd

Updated Review Jan 19, 2018

An long time Alhambra resturant, I pass by Twohey's all the time but never stopped in. But when I saw the sign for all you can eat ribs, I made it a point to stop in ASAP. The all you can eat ribs special, with two sides, fries and cole slaw, was $17.99.

The baby back ribs were cooked in the oven. But they were good ribs, meaty and the BBQ sauce added some nice flavor. They kept asking if I wanted more ribs almost every five minutes. Overall they were solid. Nothing great about them but nothing bad either.

Service was good. The server was nice and attentive. She even told me, she was going on a break and a new server was going to help us. The new server was also very good.

I would go back to Twohey's to try their Stinko Burger and onion rings.