Saturday, February 16, 2008

TJ Subs

TJ's Subs
1054 N Hacienda Blvd
La Puente

Sandwich, deli.

Fridays during Lent means no meat. So for lunch I'll get a tunafish or egg salad sandwich. So I found TJ's Sub and decided to give it a try. I most placces I'm weary of tunafish. If it's not kept cold, it could mean lots of time sitting on the throne. So I decide to go with the egg salad with provolone sandwich, $3.99. I'm standing at the counter and I see the sandwich being prepared right before me. I liked that. I assume it will be fresh. They used an egg slicer to cut two eggs into small pieces. Then add mustard, mayo, salt and pepper. I asked for the lettuce, mayo and tomatoes on a roll.

As you can see it's a good sized sandwich. But when I take a bite I find it's one of the saltiest egg salad sandwiches I've ever had. I needed water so badly. She must have put in a ton of salt. The egg salad was fresh or so I thought. The roll was nice and soft and chewy. But nothing could overcome the saltiness of the egg salad.

But about two hours later, my stomach didn't feel well. I only had the egg salad and a can of Arizona raspberry ice tea. So it wouldn't take a genius to figure out the egg salad must have been the reason. I didn't see where she got the eggs from. I could have been the frig or just at room tempurature. The sandwich wasn't especially cold or chilled.

Service was good. The lady was nice and friendly. Though she did seem to want to rush through taking my order.

I would not go back to TJ's Subs. The sandwich was too salty and I didn't think it was all that fresh, so I paid for it later.