Saturday, February 16, 2008

MJ Ranch-Closed

MJ Ranch
3101 E. Garvey Ave
West Covina

Everybody knows my love for BBQ ribs. So whenever I see a BBQ place I just have to. Sometimes a place will surprise me. But most of the time, it was a waste of money and time.

The second sentence describes MJ Ranch. Housed in what used to be a Love's Restaurant, MJ Ranch is your standard suburban BBQ restaurant, which means oven cooked meats, drowned in BBQ sauce.

I ordered the pork spare ribs, $14.89 with corn on the cob. The ribs came out very hot to the touch. That means they must have microwaved the ribs before serving them. Why do I say this? Because ribs take a while to cook in an oven. So what some restaurants do is cook them throughout the day and to serve them hot, they will microwave or grill them. There were no grill marks on the ribs, so it must mean they nuked them.

Anyways, the ribs lacked any smoked flavor. They were fairly tender and it was a huge portion. But they just didn't taste good. They were dry, further proof it was nuked. And just plain bad. I didn't even finish them at the restaurant.

Service was good. The lady was very nice and friendly and we didn't lack for anything.

I would not go back to MJ Ranch again. The BBQ ribs are among the worst I ever had. Among the other dishonorable mention. Ribs USA, Beach Pitt BBQ,Bam Bam. and Country Chicken & Ribs.