Monday, February 11, 2008

Aroma Di Roma

Aroma Di Roma
5327 E. 2nd St
Long Beach

After having a great dinner at George's Greek Cafe, we decided to travel to Italy and have dessert. Aroma Di Roma is a coffeehouse that serves gelato.

I got a small lemon gelato in a cup for $2.55. While they gave you a good sized portion, the gelato was very bitter. I know it's lemon but I was hoping for a sweeter lemon flavor. The gelato was very smooth and had a lot of flavor. It was nice refreshing treat but it was too tart for my tastes. I have also tried the raspberry gelato and that was great. A nice sweet flavor.

Service is very good. The guy was nice and helpful.

I would go back to Aroma Di Roma but I would not have the lemon gelato. I would be willing to try the other flavors like watermelon or lime since the quality of the gelato is very good.