Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tep Thai

Tep Thai
209 W Wilson Ave

As with every type of ethnic food, some places will Americanize it, so Tep Thai is no different.

Pictured are the chicken satay, $9, and dried chili and cashew nuts with shrimp, $14.
The satay were all white meat chicken but a bit on the dry and flavorless side. Dipping the satay into the peanut sauce to add some flavor.

The dried chili and cashew nuts is basically kung pao shrimp. It has red and green peppers, onions and about six large shrimp. This wasn't spicy at all. It was tasty though and had much more flavor than the chicken satay.

Service was very good. I was never left wanting for anything.

I felt Tep Thai was just OK. There was nothing outstanding about it. It wasn't the greatest Thai, I've ever had. It wasn't bad either. But I felt the prices were a bit high for the amount of food you got. I was hungry after leaving the restaurant and that's after eating all the chicken satay, shrimp and rice.

I would not go back to Tep Thai. The food is good but it's too Americanized and not a good value.