Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hot Wings Cafe- Pasadena

Hot Wings Cafe
89 E Colorado Blvd

When a chicken wings place opens across the street from Hooter's either the owners have a lot of balls and think their wings are damn good or they are using their restaurant as a tax write off.

Hot Wings Cafe has been in Old Town Pasadena for about seven years. They also have two other locations, LA and Glendale.

I ordered the large portion of chicken wings, $10.15. These wings are among the best I've had. Big and cripsy, full of meat and a wonderful hot, spicy sauce covering the wings. They give you a choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing. But they give you a small cup of dressing for 16 wings. The need to give you more, much more dressing with the wings.

Service was pretty good. Ok the waitress wasn't dressed in orange short and white tank top but the wings are a hell of a lot better than Hooter's.

I would go back to Hot Wings Cafe anytime.