Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kings Fish House- Long Beach

King's Fish House
100 W Broadway
Long Beach

I've had two good experiences at the King's Fish House in Anaheim. Since King's is a chain, I figured the Long Beach location would be the same. I was very wrong.

I ordered the yellowfin tuna (ahi), $23.95 charbroiled medium rare with mac and cheese and veggies. The diner arrived quickly, which should have told me something was wrong. It was clear the tuna was precooked and just heated up. The quality of the tuna was below average. It was served lukewarm. Why is it so hard to get fish HOT off the charbroiled? I thought the tuna at The Reel Inn was so much better and bigger for $8 less. The mac and cheese was dry, there wasn't a hint of cheese. One of the WORST mac and cheese I've ever had. The veggies were cripsy and tasty but they weren't hot. Notice a common theme here?

Service was TERRIBLE. We waited for about ten minutes before anybody came to our table. When the server came she was nice at first but besides taking our order, asking if we wanted dessert and dropping off the check, she wasn't anywhere around. I was dying for refills on ice tea and had to ask the busboys. I wanted more tartar sauce but she wasn't around. Luckily my girlfriend gave me her tartar sauce. Now why King's would give tartar sauce for shrimp, I have not idea. I don't know what the hell this server was doing but she ignored us.

I would not go back to King's Fish House in Long Beach again. My girlfriend had the prefect discription for King's Fish House, Apple Bee's quality food at Lawry's prices. I thought the quality of food was not even close to being worth the high prices. I thought the service was one of the worst service I've ever experienced. If they have those mystery shoppers this server would have been fired. Just a waste of time and money.