Sunday, February 17, 2008

Black Cow Cafe

Black Cow Cafe
2219 Honolulu Ave.

Montrose is a nice, quiet town just above Glendale. Honolulu Ave is the main street filled with shops and restaurants. I've reviewed two other restuarants in Montrose, Sushi Plus and Zeke's Smokehouse. Saturday night we decided to go Montrose for dinner. After some searching around we decide on the Black Cow Cafe.

I ordered the country fried steak, $17.95 with double veggies. The big difference between this country fried steak is the quality of beef used. Most places will use flank or skirt steak for their country fried steak. But Black Cow Cafe uses the tenderloin filet cutlet. The steak arrives and I am impressed with the size of the steak, though it's on the thin side. I take my knife and the steak cuts very easily. There was a good crunch on the outside and the steak was very tender. I was impressed with the quality of beef they used.

But the country gravy was pretty bland and they could have put a little more of it on the steak.

Srevice was good. Our server was nice and friendly. We didn't lack for anything. We got refills quickly and were treatly very well.