Friday, July 06, 2007

Sushi Plus

Sushi Plus
2232 Honolulu

Sushi Plus is a new restaurant in Montrose. Montrose is a beautiful, quiet area with lots of restaurants options on Honolulu Ave. Get off the 210 freeway at Ocean View, go south until you reach Honolulu and go east or west and you'll find lots of restaurants options. About ten years ago, you couldn't find a sushi place in Montrose. Now there are two or three. Sushi Plus is the newest sushi restaurant in Montrose.

For a change, I decided to try some rolls. I ordered their sapporo roll, $9.95. which is spicy crab and avocado, inside and albacore and yellowtail on the outside. There were more pieces of albacore than yellowtail. This was a great roll. Very fresh and tasty. I would order this again.

I also decided to try the the halibut sashimi. $10.95. I do like sashimi but it's not my favorite thing. Sashimi becomes too chewy, almost like chewing gum. I like the combination of the rice and seaweed of sushi. But the halibut was very fresh and tasty.

Service was very good. The servers kept coming to the table asking if I needed anything.

I would go back to Sushi Plus again. The sushi is very fresh and tasty and the prices are good.