Thursday, July 05, 2007

Harbor House Cafe

Harbor House Cafe
16341 Pacific Coast Highway
Sunset Beach

Maybe I'm on a history kick but after going to Clifton's, I went to an Orange Curtain landmark, Harbor House Cafe in Sunset Beach. The Harbor House Cafe has been around since 1939. They never close so it will get packed after all the surfers close down the bars on PCH.

I ordered the omelette with turkey breast and cheddar cheese for $7.95. The omelette was interesting in that it was dry at one end and as I worked my way to the other end, it was runny and almost like a poached egg. There were small amount of turkey breast and tons of cheddar cheese in the omelette. The turkey breast was nothing more than sliced lunch meat.

Now I'm not saying it was the omelette but afterwards I had an upset, bloaded stomach. Even taking six tums antacids didn't help.

Service was decent with the server leaning on the side of "God I hate my job and I don't want to be here." She wasn't that friendly but she wasn't rude. She did refill coffee and water quickly. But she took forever to come by and pick up the check.

I wouldn't go back to Harbor House Cafe. The prices are good but the food isn't that good. Plus parking can be a pain depending on when you go.