Monday, July 02, 2007

New York China Buffet-Closed

New York China Buffet
3240 Pacific Coast Hwy.
Long Beach, CA 90804

New York China Buffet offers the usual Chinese food you expect at buffets. Dinner is $7.99 and the high ticket items are the salted crab.

The first picture has fried rice, teriyaki chicken, and broccoli beef. The fried rice has small amounts of carrots, peas and scrambled eggs. Good stuff but nothing outstanding. The teriyaki chicken was on the dry side and seem to have been on the steam tray for too long. The broccoli beef also seemed to be on the steam table too long. But the gravy was very good and tasty.

The next plate is my veggie plate. The bean sprouts had way too much ginger. They were overpowered by the flavor of ginger. The corn was a little undercooked but the the buttery sauce it was soaking in, added a lot of flavor. The greenbeans were just OK. A little on the undercooked side.

The third plate is mushroom chicken, spicy teriyaki chicken, and another helping of broccoli beef. This helping was just out of the kitchen. So the broccoli and beef was very fresh and tasty. The gravy was as good as the first time. Sometimes going back for seconds at buffets is a good thing. The mushroom chicken wasn't anything great. The mushrooms were mushy and tasteless. The chicken was bland and tough. Something that didn't lack flavor was the spicy teriyaki chicken. It was HOT. Too hot for my tastes. They must have poured a ton of tabasco sauce that just overpowered the teriyaki. The chicken wasn't as dry as the regular teriyaki I had earlier, leading me to believe that the chicken had been on the steam table for a short period of time.

The fourth and fifth plates are their high ticket items. The salted shrimp and crab, were just way too salty for my tastes. I was drinking tons of water after eating. I didn't finish half the crab and I love crab. The cocktail shrimp was tender and flavorful.

Service was good. The server came by to clear the plates off the table quickly. I was never lacking for water. A minor point but I was waiting for the server to pick up the check but I learned you had to walk to the front to pay. When the server gave me my check she could have told me to pay at the front.

There is nothing outstanding about NY China Buffet. But then again nothing that bad. Though the seafood was too salty and some of the items had been on the steam table for too long but that does happen at buffets.

I would not go back to NY China Buffet because Royal Buffet offers more items and better items, though the prices maybe a few bucks higher, it's worth it.