Saturday, December 15, 2007

Catalina Fish Kitchen-Closed

Catalina Fish Kitchen
19171 Magnolia
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Catalina Fish Kitchen is a damn good place to get any type of seafood taco. Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday and tacos are anywhere from half off to 25 cents off.

I ordered the tiger shrimp, scallops, and lobster taco. The tiger and scallops taco were $4, regular price, $4.29 and the lobster was the regular price $4.29. All tacos come on flour tortilla, with cabbage, cheddar and jack cheese and cliantro. For no additional charge you can get corn tortilla. Then you have a full salsa bar selection to add to your taco. All tacos are chargrilled but you can also ask for seven other seasonings including tomato herb and white wine sauce, olive oil and thyme, soy oil and lemon, and lemon garlic. I had all three tacos chargrilled and only added salsa.

I loved the tiger shrimp taco. There were about three huge tiger shrimps, chargrilled to perfection. The cabbage and cheese were fresh. With just a little salsa this is one of the best tacos I've had in a long time.

The scallops weren't so good. They were fresh and everything but somethings just don't belong in a taco and scallops are it. Maybe it's the texture or flavor but whatever it is, scallops don't work well with tacos.

The lobster taco was OK. Nothing special about it. The lobster was the slippery lobster version. They are a bit tougher and not as sweet as the Maine lobster. Again this is the case where this type of seafood doesn't belong in a taco. I didn't like the combination.

Service was OK. The people are nice and friendly but they orders can take longer than they should. I ordered the lobster taco after I ordered the tiger shrimp and scallops tacos, and they completely forgot about the order. Then it took another ten minutes before I got the taco. Now the people were nice about things but I think service needs to be faster.

I would go back to Catalina Fish Kitchen and try some of their other seafood, salmon, mahi mahi, and their seasonings. I would not order the scallops or lobster. But their tiger shrimp tacos are a winner.