Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Castaway

The Castaway
1250 Harvard Rd.

I went here for a birthday party. They offered a limited menu choice for our big party of about 16 people.

I ordered the NY steak, topped with blue cheese, shiitake mushrooms with a red wine demi-glaze with seasonal veggies. For our group we got a trip to their salad bar and NY cheesecake for dessert, all for $40 tax and tip included. The regular price of the NY steak is $29.99. So with a salad and dessert that $40 was a good deal.

The salad bar was OK but they had either a spinach salad or mixed green salad, both of which I do not like at all. So I put together some tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots and some ranch dressing. All the items I had were fresh. But I wish they would just have iceberg lettuce.

The steak came out pretty quickly. I ordred mine medium rare and got medium rare. The steak was tender and juicy. But it wasn't as flavorful as other steaks I've had. I would say they use USDA choice beef. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great and I don't feel it was worth the price. I mean I could go to the market and get a steak and BBQ it myself for much less.

The dessert was NY cheesecake, which was nice, creamy and tasty. Their menu lists dessert startings at $5.95.

Service during dinner was great. The servers were attentive, friendly and helpful. But what isn't great is the parking situation. The restaurant sits atop a hill in Burbank. When you turn into the place you think you're going to drive up the hill to the restaurant. But with so many Christmas parties going on this time of year, the valet parking was closed. So there was a parking attendent that had us turn into a very small parking lot and a shuttle was going to take us to the restaurant. Well after we park and get out, two shuttles leave. Also the attendant who directed us to the lot, left and all the cars were driving up the hill. I said screw this and got back into the car and drove further up the hill. There was another attendant directing us to a larger parking lot. We parked and while the first two shuttles were filled quickly, two more shuttles came within ten minutes and we got to the restaurant with no problems. After dinner the shuttles were right there waiting for us in front of the restaurant. We didn't have to pay for parking or the shuttle. But it makes more sense to fill the larger parking lot, that is closer to the restaurant than that tiny parking lot.

I would only go back to Castaway for drinks and the view. What a great view!!! I feel that the food is very average and overpriced. I don't think the food is worth the high prices they charge and the view, while great, doesn't make up for the very average food.