Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery
2217 Beverly Blvd

While searching for a bagel place this morning, I found Brooklyn Bagels. I was expecting either a donuts place that sold some bagels or a run down older bagel shop. But it's really a wholesale/retail bagel store. The walls of filled with team pictures of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The sign says est. 1953. I wonder if they moved out to LA first before that scumbag bastard Walter O' Malley stole the Brooklyn Dodgers from their rightful home.

Anyways, all bagels are $1, with cream cheese add another quarter. I had a cheese bagel and a pumpernickel bagel. The cheese bagel was great. They didn't overload it with cheese. It was fresh, chewy, and great. Better than any bagel at Noah's.

I loved the pumpernickel bagel. It was smelled like great pumpernickel. It tasted like great pumpernickel. It was one of the best bagels I've ever had.

Service is good. The lady behind the counter took and filled our order quickly. This is a take out place only. They do not toast your bagels either. You have to wait to enjoy this great bagel place.

I would go back to to Brooklyn Bagel anytime.